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From May 19-June 28 I’ll be on a 5 week study abroad trip in Spain, primarily in Barcelona and Madrid.

I.CAN’T.WAIT.ANOTHER.SECOND. I’m definitely sure I’ve never been more excited for anything. I’ve never explored a foreign country on my own or even been to Europe. And Abbey and I have decided to go to Italy on our four day weekend!!

During the five weeks we’ll be visiting cities like Toledo and Segovia, going to museums, seeing historic architecture, drinking one euro wine, going to beaches, navigating ancient cities, meeting Spaniards, maybe seeing a bullfight (I just read Hemingway’s ‘The Sun Also Rises’ so I’m all about that right now even though I’ll probably throw up), trying to look like trendy Europeans, and I’ll be pretending to know Spanish – probably just nodding my head in agreement a lot.

I’m one of 11 students and there will be two instructors, Karl Gude and Cheryl Pell, both of whom I really respect and are so fun.

Follow my trip:

    —> TIP: to see everyone’s Spain posts, search #MSUSpain on twitter.
  • Where we’re staying in Barcelona: Melon District (aka IKEA LAND! The translation of the page is so funny)

Karl made two videos using Google Earth (I’m assuming), giving a visual of where we will be going:

Both videos by Karl Gude.

Here’s a Google map of some places I’ll be: